March 1, 2016 8:28 am | Project 365

Project 365

Since I’m admittedly only a rank amateur at this photography stuff it behooves me to find projects which will challenge both my skills and creativity when it comes to capturing images. The first project I am committing myself to is a tried and true classic in the world of photography: Project 365. The general idea behind this project is simple – take at least one photo every day for a year. I’ve chosen to start today on March 1st 2016 because if I’d have started yesterday or earlier I’d need to call it Project 366, right? Also the beginning of a new month strikes me as a great time for starting something new, not quite as cliched as New Years Day but it works.

The point of taking a photo every day is to challenge myself to find something fresh and interesting to capture every day, from whatever source inspires me at the time. This will inevitably drive me to get more creative with my photography as well as giving me a chance to experiment and try different styles. Obviously not every photo is going to be a masterpiece but that’s not the point, so don’t hassle me if some of them suck. I will be posting each photo on this site although I may not get each photo up on the day it was taken due to time constraints – having said that though, I won’t allow more than 2-3 days to pass before posting if I can’t do it every day. At the end of each month I will post a gallery of the photos from the month to make it easier to reflect and hopefully to notice improvements.

The commitment required for this project seems daunting the more I think about it, but I am interested to see what I can create over the next year. For better or worse it begins today. Not bad for a first project right?


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