This is the wall of the house next door to my brother’s place. I wanted to take a photo of […]

April 9, 2016 6:45 pm | Project 365

Day 40 – Fly

This guy hangs next to the back door of my brothers place, presumably to scare off any other flies. I […]

April 9, 2016 12:43 pm | Project 365

Day 39 – Mandarins

I forgot to take a photo yesterday until right before I was going to bed so a stack of mandarins […]

April 9, 2016 12:40 pm | Project 365

Day 38 – PlayStation

I had a surgical extraction at the dentist this day so while I was sitting feeling sore and enjoying painkillers […]

April 9, 2016 12:37 pm | Project 365

Day 37 – Mini Hi-Fi

I bought this new stereo so I figured it deserved a photo 😀

Nature can be pretty handy in a fix when you need a photo. Lucky for me the crimson bottlebrush plant […]

I left for work a little early this morning so that I had time to catch the sunrise at Mt […]

April 4, 2016 8:58 pm | Project 365

Day 34 – Bobby

Bobby is a weird looking dog. I was trying to capture that with this photo and I think I managed […]

April 2, 2016 10:38 am | Project 365

Day 33 – Cow Portrait

I decided to go for a bit of a drive this morning to discover some place I’ve never been before. […]

April 2, 2016 10:34 am | Project 365

Day 32 – Stars

I’m not sure what I was hoping to achieve when I was taking the photo set which this one comes […]

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